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Annie Mckelvie
Lyrics by Iain Ingram

'Come on guys, how many times have you been stood up? Aye right!'

Dumbarton’s the place I met Annie McKelvie
Walking along the Clyde shore
We chatted for hours till the evening was falling
Then I walked her back home to her door

I said, do you fancy a night at the dancing with me
The band in the town hall’s the finest you’ll see
And if there’s no another place you’d rather be
Then come to the dance with me, Annie

She said, I’ll need a few days to think o’er your proposal
My mother would have to consent
So we parted that night with a kiss on the doorstep
Then back home through Bowling I went

Well she finally agreed that she’d come to the dancing
She’d travel to Clydebank by train
On that cold station platform I waited for hours
But I never saw Annie again

So it’s oftimes I walk by the banks of the Leven
And follow its flow to the Clyde
And I think on that day spent wi’ A

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